About Us


Since 1964, Lake Excavating has built everything from sub-divisions to highways across British Columbia and Alberta. Our contracts include:

Civil Infra-structure (new and repair) – Road building water/sewer, utlities, site work

Development (industrial, commercial, retail and residential) – Site specific work and complete design build solutions.

Oil and Gas – Road work, site preparations, service installation

Mining – Road work, major improvements, dam building, major reclamation work, equipment supply.

Forestry – Road building, road maintenance, site preparation, silvaculture and deactivation.


Business Philosophy and Competitive Advantage

At Lake Excavating, we approach all projects with the goal of delivering them proficiently and on time. Quality, cost control, on time completion, diligence and safety are keys to our success.

Strong Project Management
Our field management team has extensive experience in every element of a project development. They have proven time after time how important Project Management skills are to delivering a proper result.

Timely completion
Commitment, innovation and extra effort are part of the core culture at Lake Excavating. We take extraordinary measures to meet the timelines we have agreed to. Results, not excuses, is our motto.

Cost control
Our longstanding record of delivering projects on or under budget comes from excellent project planning and 46 years of knowledge and understanding. Completing jobs within budget and on projected time frames comes from our ability to use innovative cost control techniques.

Innovation and flexibility to meet change requirements
While detailed planning is important, adapting to unforeseen challenges and hurdles is a critical factor to success. Our employees have long shown their ability to adapt and overcome challenges with innovation, flexibility, hard work and resilience.

Site and Worker Safety

While on-time completion and cost controls are important, worker safety is at the forefront every job decision. We work with friends, husbands, sons and daughters, all of whom deserve to be safe on the job. Our track record and commitment to safety training is one of the best in the business.

Environmental Policy

At Lake Excavating, we are proactive in our management of sensitive community and environmental issues. Consideration of these issues is an important element of our design concepts and construction practices. At the design stage we take into consideration the neighboring properties and local environment, with a view of integrating the construction with its natural landscape. We care about our environment, which has resulted in the following policy being adopted:

Lake Excavating is committed to the protection of the environment and is proactive in its management of sensitive community and environmental issues.

We also carry out all works in a manner to protect the health and safety of its employees, subcontractors, customers and the community by respecting and protecting the environment. Lake Excavating continues to implement environmental management plans, policies and procedures to ensure that the environment is protected.